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A poem written  for me by a Facebook friend, Marie. Thanks Marie, this is lovely ❤

I reject the mold for which you made me.
I abhor my foretold role.
I deny the tomb in which to keep me.
I am I. My own. A human. Whole.

MY choice to cover (or not) my body.
MY choice to uncover my mind.
MY choice to demand equality.
MY choice to leave misogyny behind.

Yes, to you, I am apostate.
Yes, to you, I do blaspheme.
But to me, I am courageous;
And all slavers I will defeat.

My old god cannot shame me.
I, alone, own my soul.
Allah’s zealots cannot quiet me.
I will speak out for those alone.

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Marie’s note: This was written for my friend Emilie de Strange (Juli Jalaludin) who left Islam and now lives day to day subjected to barrages of insults and death threats (online) because she dared to break free of fundamentalist religion. I love this woman and she is one of the strongest people I have ever known.